It’s easier than ever to get great laundry results with a range of products that are available to meet your specific laundry needs.  Whether your laundry needs just freshening or has a lot of dirt, odors, and stains, there are products that can help you get your laundry clean, bright, soft, and fresh.

When choosing products for your laundry, here’s some things to consider.

  • To start, check the care labels in your laundry.  The labels give you guidance on how best to tackle your washloads. Some items shouldn’t be laundered at home, and should be cleaned by professionals.
  • For best results, sort your laundry so that items with the same care instructions are washed together.  Bright colors and laundry that lints (towels, corduroy, flannel) should be washed separately to avoid color transfer.
  • Are you washing your laundry by machine, or by hand?
  • If you are using a machine, is it a high-efficiency or energy-efficient machine or a traditional machine that fills the tub with water?
  • Are there delicate fabrics or garments  that need special care?
  • Does the laundry have heavy soil?  Are there a lot of stains?  Are there white fabrics that are looking dingy or gray?
  • Would you like it to be softer?
  • Does it just need freshening and not full washing?
  • Do you or your family members have sensitive skin that might require no fragrance or dyes?
  • Do you prefer long lasting fragrance on your laundry?

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