Reading A Label

Front Label

  • Brand Product Name = the name assigned by the manufacturer (e. g., Tide, Lysol, Pine-Sol).
  • Statement of Identity = what the product does (laundry detergent, air freshener, multi-surface cleaner)
  • Product Features = what is special about the product (product form, scent, performance claims)
  • Signal Word: one of 3 possible words: Caution, Warning, or Danger. Some products do not have a signal word as their safety profile is very low and does not present a hazard to the consumer.
  • Hazard Statement: a short statement to provide a more detailed description of the type of hazard, such as eye irritant, corrosive, etc.
  • Read Precautions on Back: a statement to indicate where more information can be found on the package.
  • Net Contents Statement: a statement of the net contents of the product. Provided in both English and Metric units that must be listed at the bottom third of the front label. The number can be weight or volume, and can list number of uses, depending on the type of product.


Back Label

  • Marketing Claims: statements about what the product does and its key benefits
  • Usage Instructions: how to properly use the product for safest and best results.  Be sure to read these before using the product.
  • Keep Out of Reach of Children: mandatory statement required on all consumer products to advise consumers to keep these products out of the reach of children (and pets)
  • Signal Word: repeat of the Signal Word from the front panel
  • Hazard Statement: usually repeat of the Hazard Statement from the front panel and any additional hazard information such as Choking hazard
  • Precautionary Statement: details on what situations to avoid to prevent any accidents or incidents during the use of the product
  • First Aid Statement: in the event of accidental exposure, first aid instructions provided and whom to contact for further medical treatment
  • Manufacturer’s Contact Information: discloses the manufacturer’s name, address, phone number, and Internet contact information for ingredient information. Also, has the Company Trademark information and the Country of Origin (Made in…) statement