Dusting Aids

When Dust Bunnies Attack
The name “dust bunny” is deceptively cute.  The phrase conjures up images of an adorable creature with big floppy ears and a puffy tail.  But there’s nothing cute about dust.  It settles on your furniture, rolls like tumbleweed across your wood floors, and triggers your allergies.  And it’s not easy to get rid of.  Fortunately, we don’t have to fight a losing battle with dust.

Know Your Enemy:  Dust Under the Microscope
So what’s in dust, anyway?   Dust is made up mainly of skin cells, pet dander, and fibers from clothing or upholstery, but it also contains cigarette ashes, dust mites, food crumbs, insect fragments, pollen, salt and sugar crystals, and fungal spores, just to name a few.  No wonder it makes us sneeze!  It’s not very appealing, but there is hope:  a variety of dusting aids can help you defeat dust.

Beyond the Feather Duster:  Effective Dusting Aids
Ever tried to dust with a dry rag?  Dust goes airborne, regroups, and settles once again into the corner of the living room or the top of the bookshelf.  If you’re not dusting with an effective cleaning product, you’re probably just moving dust from one place to another.  But with the right dusting aid, you can really clean your floors and surfaces by removing – not relocating – dust.
Most dusting aids are available as aerosols, trigger sprays or wipes.  These products are versatile and easy to use – they dust, polish, and remove soil, and they can be used on many types of surfaces and floors.  A typical dusting aid contains water to break down stains and soil, and mineral oil to lift and trap dust.  Not only do these ingredients work to remove dust, but they leave your surfaces looking shiny.

A Bunny-Free Home
Dusting sprays and wipes make dusting easy – no more kicking up clouds of dust with dry rags, and no more colonies of dust bunnies under the couch.  With today’s dusting aids, you can breathe easy knowing that your surfaces will be shiny and dust-free.