Toilet Bowl Cleaners

The toilet is a part of everyday life. 
Since its very invention, the toilet has fought an uphill battle for the kind of respect due to a marvel of modern living.  While our attitude towards the toilet may be better described as indifference, our enthusiasm for cleaning the toilet usually does not rate quite so favorably. Even if you’re not a toilet brush fan, the toilet cleaners available today make cleaning the bowl quick and painless.

Although it’s not the hotbed of bacteria that we once thought (your desk at work or school probably has more bacteria), it’s important that the toilet is cleaned regularly to help control germs and harmful bacteria

Flushing Out Germs and Harmful Bacteria
Toilet bowl cleaners are available in a wide variety of forms, including liquids, foams, powders, and tablets.  Even more recently, disposable wands have appeared on the market – similar to a traditional toilet brush, they can be used to clean the bowl but are then thrown away.   All of these products contain active ingredients like antimicrobials to kill germs and odors, surfactants to make soil removal easier, acids to remove hardwater stains and deposits, and fragrances that leave your bathroom smelling fresh.

To keep the toilet clean and smelling fresh between cleanings, maintenance products can be placed in the tank or under the rim of the bowl to clean with each flush.

The Best Seat In The House
Maybe you’ll never be truly excited about cleaning the toilet, but with the cleaning and disinfecting power of today’s toilet bowl cleaners, you’ll be done before you know it.