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  • MYTH: If even one ingredient of a cleaning product is hazardous to people or the environment, is the whole cleaning product is hazardous?

    FACT – Cleaning products are more than just the sum of their parts.  Think of the ingredients in a cake. Individually, flour, salt, baking powder, egg, etc. taste nothing like a cake and in fact, most of those ingredients don’t taste good at all alone.  But, put them together in the right order and right ratios and viola!  Cleaning products work the same way.  Manufacturers combine ingredients not only to create effective cleaners but also to minimize potential hazards.  As an example, some ingredients may be irritating to the skin if used alone so manufacturers blend in other ingredients to reduce irritation (like using lemon juice blended with sugar to give the desired lemon flavor without the undesired sour taste).  Consumer product manufacturers consider not only the potential hazards of the individual ingredients but also the complete product recipe and how it is used.  The product label is the best indication of how hazardous a cleaning product is to you, the user.  Read the product label carefully and follow all directions for safe and effective cleaning.