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  • MYTH: All microorganisms can make you sick and therefore the only good microorganism is a dead microorganism.

    FACT – Microorganisms, sometimes called microbes, are nature’s recyclers.  They break down materials into their basic components and in the process make these components available for future use by other organisms.  Microorganisms have been used by mankind for generations.  Many products such as cheese, yogurt, beer and wine would not exist if it were not for microorganisms.  Further some microorganisms are essential for proper health.  The human digestive system relies on microorganisms to assist with the digestion of the food we eat.

    So, if microorganisms are so necessary then why should we use disinfecting cleaners?  The answer is that while a given microorganism is essential in a given environment, placing that microorganism in a different environment can lead to problems.  For example, microorganisms essential in the human lower digestive system can cause illness if they enter the human upper digestive system.  For this reason it is important to wash your hands, preferably with a disinfecting hand soap, after going to the bathroom.